CARGO is a company that has been active in the automobile industry since October 1995. The founder of the company, Alexandra Soultsiotou is from Larissa. From a very young age, she has been working in the market and indeed a market that has to do with sales that relate to a man's field. Initially, she worked as an employee in a car sales company and dealt with car perfumes. She has introduced something very special and innovative to the automobile industry, experimenting continuously until achieving the best possible result.

Her experience and her love for her job pushed her to open her own business in October 1995, by putting a special emphasis on car perfume and managed with her own patent to make a perfume, which is established in the European Union. She dealt exclusively with the sales of car perfumes and was looking to find ways to produce it by herself. This opened up her horizons for a new production process that is currently not widespread in Greece, and there are few companies that produce a complete perfume production.

In November 2009 she opened a second branch in Larissa and created a production line of perfumery for cars. The Company takes part with great success in industry-related exhibitions that take place every two years. The sector in which the business is active is not particularly developed in Greece and few craft businesses have the necessary certificates and licenses that the company has anticipated and received (Operation and Business License).

CARGO has all the required MSDSs and markings required on both impregnated paper and sprays. In addition, it has its own barcodes and the spray bottle is made by a specialized company, which provides all the necessary certificates for the gases used.

CARGO continues its perpetual and seamless effort, taking into account the opinion of its thousands of customers, to make sure its customers enjoy the best quality car perfume product.

Yours sincerely,

Alexandra Soultsiotou